Shelly Campbell Studios

How Much?

Woodworking and Metalworking

 $45/hour + materials

Photography in Studio

(All jpeg's are the property of the client, delivered via

Head Shots:

$75—75 photos, no editing

$150—150 photos, one fully-edited image

$250—250 photos, two fully-edited images

Family Photos:

$150 - 200 photos, no editing

Add $45/hour for any additional editing

Photography Outside the Studio

With Studio Lighting:

$250/hour (minimum one hour) + travel time

Available Light (no studio lights):

​$200/hour (minimum one hour) + travel time


Sometimes you just gotta love three different mediums in one lifetime. All three, photography, metal, and wood, are like children to me—I love one a little more on some days than others, and vice-versa. This website will provide a glimpse of the work I'm currently excited about, as well as work spanning the last 30 years. I'm always into making stuff for myself, as well as commissions. If you've got a project in mind, be it photography, metal, wood, or a combination therof, contact me at shelly@shellycampbellstudios.

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