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Fabrication: Woodworking and Metalworking

 $50/hour + materials

Photography in Professional Photo Studio

Headshots and Portraits:

$75—10 minute session, no editing

$150—20 minute session, one fully-edited image

$250—forty-five minute session, two fully-edited images

Family Photos:

$150 - 30 minute session, editing is added charge

Photography Outside the Studio

With Studio Lighting:

$250/hour (minimum one hour) + travel time

Available Light (no studio lights-"photojournalism style"):

​$250/hour (minimum one hour) + $125 travel time

(Add $50/hour for any additional editing)

Head Shot Camps

(staying at The Two Muses guest house)

Please follow this link:

Head Shot Camps
(cost/person and not a staying at

The Two Muses guest house)

$150 - one studio session, one fully-edited image

$250 - two studio sessions, two fully-edited images

$350 - three studio session, three full-edited images

(all sessions last approximately 20 minutes and

must be completed within 7 days of booking)

—Any additional editing for all of the above: $45/hour—

Statement and Rates